The Wall That Fear Builds


Thousands of scary people are pouring over our unsecured southern border to kill us all and destroy our democracy.  Which clearly isn’t being destroyed by corrupt people already here and in power.  Or by the outrageously powerful corporations pulling the strings of those in power.  Or by the lobbyists buying influence over those in power.

No, it’s the scary people pouring over our border.  We must fear them and build a wall.  They are definitely democracy-destroying, drug-packing, murderous, evil people who will first milk the system dry and then rape and kill all US born citizens.  They will definitely not work menial jobs on farms, harvesting the food that feeds America, or other such helpful and important labor.  No, they will steal YOUR job!  They will steal YOUR tax dollars.  And don’t get me started on ISIS and Hezbollah sneaking over our massive, dangerously porous southern border.  Oh my.

But, it’s okay.  We’ve got a national emergency now so we can build a wall that will certainly stop those intent on committing a crime in our country.  Everything will be just fine.  I mean, we don’t need the Constitution anyway, right?  We certainly don’t need rational thought, compassion, cooperation, decency, or any sort of immigration reform.  Nope, we need a wall!  And maybe a few camps where we can safely store all those scary people.  Put them to work and starve them and stuff.

I mean these are seriously, scary, scary people crossing that border.  Not at all like our political leaders.  And certainly nothing like our own ancestors.



One thought on “The Wall That Fear Builds

  1. A wall channels people to a port of entry, which is the way people from other countries should cross our borders. It helps to bring some order to a chaotic situation. Enforcing the laws on the books, and reforming immigration law, are also viable solutions to the problem. I’m all for exposing and removing corrupt politicians and bureaucrats from government positions, and perhaps that will happen soon with the Declassification. To dismiss the chaotic flow of people crossing our borders illegally, as a fake national emergency, fear, and fear mongering is to dismiss the real dangers these people face who pay coyotes (drug cartels) to get them across the border illegally. These people, then forced into sexual and drug slavery, to pay off their debt, suffer beyond your glibness, and feed into the growing drug, and human trafficking access in our country. The magnet of “fake asylum” claims (90+% do not meet legal asylum requirements), to overwhelm our border system is the perfect “Cloward/Piven” strategy, supported by a myriad of NGO church, and political organizations, who profit well from illegal immigration chaos at the border. Not sure where sarcasm fits into this real danger for people’s health and lives.

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