IMG_20200602_204212_016.jpgI’ve struggled with what to say since watching the footage of George Floyd dying under the knee of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin.  I needed an outlet for the rage I felt, but could manage nothing more than some really bad poetry.

Since then, I’ve been watching events unfold with a range of emotions that have only made it harder to put words to paper about what’s happening in this country.  After all, it’s not my voice that matters in this fight, it’s my actions as an ally.

But there is something I want to address right now.  These protests, whether peaceful vigils and marches or more aggressive and even destructive movements, come from a deep well of justifiable rage.  People are out in the streets because they have been oppressed for far too long (since forever).  It is way past time to stop ignoring, or worse, co-opting their voices.

This isn’t some sort of new world order coup to take over the United States.  This isn’t a George Soros funded deep state operation conducted by Antifa activists.  This isn’t an underhanded plot by the Democrats to take the White House away from Donald Trump.  Stop with that shit.

Stop trying to steal the narrative.  Stop trying to co-opt an absolutely vital movement.  Stop believing that black and brown people can’t rise up and force change, not because they are driven by some sort of behind-the-scenes diabolical conspiracy to overthrow the government, but because they are legitimately more than tired of living the way they’ve had to in this country.

Just stop, and give this moment to the minority voices this nation needs to hear.  Amplify them.  If you can’t do that, then just be quiet and get out of the way.

3 thoughts on “Listen

  1. This IS a reset of the economy. Covid was its cover. Which all the stupid people bought. The dollar crashed and the banks/politicians had no bubble to blame. The cops have encouraged the violence, but all those protesters and looters are playing into the hands of those who seek more control. Your rioters aren’t changing anything. They’re merely playing into other peoples plans. This is a barebones explanation, but if you ain’t figured it out, then nothing I say will matter anyway.

  2. I have to agree with the above comment. I think the only change these uprisings are set to bring about is to swing the pendulum of power and control into the other co-opted political camp; the one with the same ties to the deeply depraved, pedophile hierarchy that controls the other political camp. Perhaps so that, through the liberal puppets, other strategic measures under the technocratic agenda can be implemented(?). There may be people out on the streets for the reasons you suggest and we can’t blame them for being disgruntled. But when you have such a display of solidarity and support from politicians who display so much corruption and fraud in all other areas, you would have to be foolish not to suspect that other overriding agendas are at play. I would consider this to be similar to what has been taking place in other nations, like Syria, where genuine disgruntlement is fostered and co-opted into something that is useful to things like regime changes. It’s the strategy of tension coming home to roost. Marginalizing those who see this potential doesn’t get us anywhere. Engaging in conversation where you can express your point of view and discredit that supposition through logic and reason seems a better approach. I think, though, that logic and reason lends itself to this being a strategy of tension or a distraction from other things, like the “great reset” under the covid world order.

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