Grant County, Oregon’s Sheriff Palmer Has Enemies In High Places

Sheriff Glenn Palmer, of Grant County, Oregon (the only county in the United States that, interestingly, has declared itself a UN free zone by vote) appears to be in the cross hairs for some of his actions during the occupation of the Malheur Wildlife refuge in neighboring Harney County.  Sheriff Palmer met with some of the people involved at the refuge and also voiced support for releasing Dwight and Steven Hammond (more on their story here and here.) and for sending the FBI packing from Harney County.  Those are two opinions I suspect the majority of Harney County residents would agree with, but the federal government certainly does not.

Not surprisingly, shortly after Sheriff Palmer’s statements, the Oregon State Sheriff’s Association was asked to investigate Palmer’s conduct. (More details here.)  And now, as Sibel Edmonds has just written today here at Boiling Frog’s Post, the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training has asked the state Department of Justice to investigate Palmer.

This is not the first time Sheriff Palmer has been a thorn in the federal government’s side as he has sought to uphold the rights of the citizens of his county over the years.  He was one of many sheriffs across the nation that stated they would not enforce unconstitutional new gun laws in 2013.  He is also supportive of returning control of public lands to local hands for management.  So is it any surprise he’s come under fire from high places?

As Ms. Edmond’s writes:

If two plus two makes four- then, one plus one plus one plus one makes it a slam-dunk four:

  1. Sheriff Palmer, in 2013, landed on the very wrong side of the Obama Administration and its Fed muscles with his unapologetic and highly public stand against the proposed disproportionate measures against the Second Amendment. That’s one.
  2. Sheriff Palmer was one of the prime targets in the mysterious case of envelopes containing a toxic substance mailed to Oregon law enforcement offices, which were handed over to the FBI for forensic investigation and never again saw the light of day. That’s one as well.
  3. Sheriff Palmer has been a strict constitutionalist- a proponent of the separation of powers, pro local authority vs federal intrusions, and a staunch defender of the sanctity of the Second Amendment. None of which is tolerated by the current federal powers. Any one enough to land him on the fed’s to-be-persecuted list. That’s definitely a one.
  4. Sheriff Palmer is now a direct target of the Federal Government’s witch-hunt, geared to set an example and destroy the last pockets of resistance and righteousness in the nation of the-no-longer-free. And that’s another one.

I don’t know about you, but in my book the sum of the above ones equals a solid four.

I strongly encourage everyone to go read Sibel Edmond’s report at the above link, she gives much more in depth information about this.
The issue of who should own or control the lands of this nation is not going away.  It is an extremely important one that should not be over-shadowed by the media’s portrayal of the Malheur Refuge occupation or the Bundys.  And the same should be said for the corruption in government that we sometimes get a peek at in stories like Sheriff Palmer’s, the handling of the refuge occupation, and the good-ole-boy politics on display in Harney County.
Author’s Note: I am no longer affiliated with Newsbud and I no longer endorse the website, or the linked article above.  Additionally, when I attempted to contact Sheriff Palmer to ask for verification of his reaction to the strange letter, my phone call was not returned.

3 thoughts on “Grant County, Oregon’s Sheriff Palmer Has Enemies In High Places

    1. Thank you! You have brought up a good question, of just how any of us can help. There are things we can do, and I’m putting some ideas together for an upcoming post. I would love to hear thoughts and ideas from all of you, too.

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