Newsbud Confronts NBC News in New York City

NBC News Declines to Answer Questions


Newsbud’s Sibel Edmonds and Spiro Skouras traveled from Oregon to New York to spend several hours outside NBC News Headquarters at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City today.  They joined with supporters and journalists from various media outlets to publicly request an apology and retraction from NBC News for the false report made during the July 15, 2016 coup attempt in Turkey that Turkish President Erdogan was seeking asylum in Germany.  NBC News made this report as the attempted coup was taking place, and attributed it to a “senior US military source.”  When this could not be verified, NBC News no longer reported it as fact, but countless media outlets had already disseminated the report, citing NBC News as the source.  NBC News offered no explanation or retraction for their false report.

Newsbud repeatedly contacted NBC News asking for an explanation and retraction of this report, and after receiving no response, Newsbud issued a call to action for supporters and journalists to gather outside NBC News headquarters in New York City.  The Turkish embassy also contacted NBC News to request an explanation and apology, and made their request public via Twitter.

The New York Police Department was notified of the event in advance, and an enclosure was formed with barricades to contain everyone who came to show support for the demand for an explanation from NBC News.  When Edmonds and a small group began to make their way to the main entrance of NBC News Headquarters, they were stopped and told to return to the enclosure to wait while a member of the NYPD went inside to request that NBC News send a representative outside to address the group.  Later, a member of NBC’s security team spoke with Edmonds and stated he would also request that an NBC representative come outside to answer questions.

Edmonds addressed multiple journalists and activists from inside the metal barricades, surrounded by Turkish and American flags, and signs calling for the US to extradite Fethullah Gulen to Turkey.  Turkish President Erdogan has blamed the attempted coup on Gulen’s network and supporters, and has demanded that the US extradite Gulen to Turkey.

After waiting for hours, Edmonds announced she had received word that NBC News declined to send any representative outside to answer questions.  Edmonds then made a statement requesting that the Turkish government ban all NBC employees and reporters from Turkey, and extended that request to other nations as well.  Also, she stated that Newsbud, along with various media and Turkish organizations, will work towards pursuing a lawsuit against NBC News.  Additionally, she asked all viewers to no longer watch or support NBC News.

You can watch the recording of the livestream of the event here, and continue to follow the story at Newsbud’s temporary home, Boiling Frogs Post.


One thought on “Newsbud Confronts NBC News in New York City

  1. Wasn’t Mr. Griffin in New York? The whole event was a staged, pro-Erdogan event more than a legitimate attempt to have NBC reply. Why would it even? NBC is taking orders by the looks of it. Give me a Mike Wallace walking up to Mr. Griffin any day of the week! It may have also proved fruitless but that kind of journalism resonates. This? There was so much Turkish talk I gave up two-thirds through. Score one for NBC, though. I am shocked it didn’t send down some lemonade for those penned up folks just for giggles. They did show real fervor.

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