Just Some Updates…

I just wanted to share this Newsbud demand for an explanation and retraction of the rumor that spread widely on July 15, 2016 suggesting that Turkish President Erdogan was seeking asylum in Germany during the attempted coup.  That rumor has been repeatedly attributed to NBC News and a tweet made that day by MSNBC Segment Producer Kyle Griffin.  Please click the link above for more information.  This is important!

Also, please stay tuned, I’ve got a story coming up that will give more information on this post I wrote back in April about a case of arson on federal land.  I am also working on a story regarding the Greater Sage Grouse.

So until then…


Author’s note:  I am no longer affiliated with Newsbud and I no longer endorse the website.




2 thoughts on “Just Some Updates…

  1. What is going on with Sibel. Right after the coup happens Sibel is all over it, laying blame on CIA/NATO and directing every nuance of the coup. The nothing, absolute silence. Top news stoty on her site: Pentagon spending priorities for July…

    Where is Sibel on the latest developments such as some minister saying something about changes will conform with NATO guidelines or somesuch. Where is Sibel totally mum for ? 15? Days…. ?!?!?!?

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