Newsbud is Growing


Since the completion of Newsbud’s successful phase one Kickstarter campaign things have been ramping up. For now, Newsbud’s growing content can be found at Boiling Frogs Post while the Newsbud website is under construction.  I encourage everyone to go to Boiling Frogs Post (BFP), as well as the BFP YouTube channel, and check out what the Newsbud team is up to.

Right now, the content is available to everyone, but soon new content will require a subscription to be viewed for two weeks after it is released.  After the two-week period, all Newsbud content will be available for free.  As support for Newsbud grows, the goal is to open up nearly all new content to everyone.

Currently at BFP you can find:

-Weekly news reports by Peter B. Collins, host of the Peter B. Collins Show

-News and Analysis Spotlight with Spiro Skouras and Newsbud founder Sibel Edmonds

War Industry Muster and Distillation of DOD Spending Priorities by Christian Sorensen.

-Video reports by Spiro.  (Visit Spiro’s YouTube channel here.)

-Articles by Filip Kovacevic, Christoph Germann, and myself.

Please visit BFP and help support Newsbud’s growing content by subscribing.  It is only going to grow from here!  Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive of Newsbud already!


Author’s Note:  I am no longer affiliated with Newsbud and I no longer endorse the website.


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