Newsbud Is Poised to Set a Kickstarter Record


With three days left, Newsbud’s Phase One Kickstarter campaign is approaching the number one spot as the highest funded campaign in journalism in Kickstarter history!  Thanks to everyone who has made this possible!  If you can, please help push this campaign into that number one spot.  And please remind everyone you know about it.  We are too close not to try!

Also, in case you missed it, please check out this important video by Newsbud founder Sibel Edmonds.  She highlights some examples of huge stories the mainstream media managed to ignore, or reported only minor details in order to obscure the true importance. These examples include Able Danger and her own case.

You’d think the people’s right to know would mean something to the media, no?  The answer is no. The media consistently blacked out and censored a case ridden by multiple SSPs [State Secrets Privilege] invocations, gag orders, and much more. Their reporters never posed or answered the question of why.

Exactly why Newsbud is so important!

Check this video out too, and please share!

Author’s Note:  I am no longer affiliated with Newsbud and I no longer endorse the website.


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