The Destruction of America From Within

A Guest Post

By BJ Soper


I write today to express my utter and complete frustration regarding the lack of integrity in our American system.  The values that our Country was built on have been ignored, trampled, and rewritten.  Simple concepts such as “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” and “Innocent until proven guilty” are no longer foundational ideas in this Country, but rather a feel good concept that gives this sham of a justice system the perception that Due Process is being served.

Our justice system is broken from the top to the bottom.  We have court systems that use local law enforcement offices to generate income.  We have County officials that collaborate with groups to push a one-sided agenda for self propagation.  The Oregon State legislature uses an emergency clause to keep the voice of the People they represent from being able to vote on the issue at hand.  The list goes on and on all the way to the top.

The United States has more people incarcerated than any other Country.  We hold 2 times the number of people in jail than China that has 5.5 times the population of the USA.  Roughly 2.2 million people sit behind bars.

But what I want to address specifically today is the efforts being made by the Federal law enforcement, DOJ [Department of Justice], Courts, and local and national media, and the lack of attention from the elected of this Country and the American People.

First, to the media.  What happened to journalism?  Where did it go?  The media runs to the shiny light anywhere it’s bright.  “News” stations broadcast these situations such as Ferguson, Baltimore, Hurricane Katrina, and Burns, Oregon.  Cameras turn on and “journalists” broadcast to people of the nation their shock value story.  When the light starts to dim, they run to the next shining light leaving out the cause, circumstances, and devastation.  In the events of Ferguson and Burns, lies were pushed to control the narrative and keep the American people in a state of misinformation.

The media was once called the 4th branch of government because it was meant to keep people honest.  It was supposed to be the microscope of the people used to expose corruption and help hold people accountable for their actions.  Today it’s used to propagate agendas and control narratives.  Burns is the perfect example.  Once the light dimmed on the actions of the occupiers, the news crews left.  But the story is far from over.

Where is the media right now when these people sit behind bars being stripped of any sense of Due Process and Justice?  Where is the media outrage over people being issued gag orders to not talk about their situation?  Where is the media discussing the civil rights violations taking place inside these jails?  Supreme Court rulings being ignored regarding the use of solitary confinement to hold those awaiting trial?  Where is the story on the accused not being able to communicate with their attorney because they are held in confinement 23 hours a day?  Is this not a good enough story for you?

I have not even hit on the accused being stripped of their 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th amendment rights.  Let us not forget that we have an “elite” law enforcement team caught firing rounds into a vehicle, then purposely conspiring to cover up the actions and hide evidence from the investigators.  We heard this ONCE, and NOTHING has been said since.  I guess that is just not a shiny enough light.  Instead, one sided articles are released full of lies and misinformation, and reports designed to assassinate the character of individuals that stand against the “official” narrative.  It is abundantly clear that receiving funding is more important than the integrity of the articles released.

Why are these issues ignored by today’s “journalists?”  I wonder just how well you all sleep at night knowing that regardless of guilt or innocence, your reports, lies and broadcasts are helping to strip American people of their rights and due process.  What does that image in the mirror say to you when you realize that you are helping to kill this Country which was once the shining light in the world?  What do you think your ancestors would say to you that worked to build our foundation, bled and died for your right to destroy using words?  The pen is far mightier than the sword, and the media is using that weapon to help DESTROY THIS COUNTRY FROM WITHIN.

Second, to the elected representatives of the People at all levels of government.  Where in the hell are you?  Where were any of you speaking out, or even asking questions about the occupation in Harney County?  The lack of accountability to the people you represent is DISGUSTING.  I emailed over 100 reps and senators during the MNWR occupation.  Three people replied.  Two were mass email responses with “this is an unmonitored email address disclosure” and the only actual reply stated that the reps and senators in Salem were kept in the dark about the issues taking place.  I ask the Oregon delegation this simple question.  Why in the hell, when an issue of such magnitude takes place in YOUR OWN STATE, did you not feel the need to ask WHAT WAS GOING ON?  I believe our definition of REPRESENT has a different meaning.  Your lack of care and attention is helping to DESTROY THIS COUNTRY FROM WITHIN.

The Court system…You are no longer the last hope for Liberty and Freedom.  The system is swayed to scare the People into compliance instead of giving a fair trial by the jury of their peers.  The JURY is supposed to be the deciding factor, and the JURY alone.  Hence the term, GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE.  Today the courts allow the prosecution to intimidate the accused into compliance by throwing countless charges at them in hopes that they will admit guilt and PLEA for MERCY instead of letting the facts be posed to their peers and be judged fairly.

Our courts allow judges to tell the JURY how and what to listen to, and to follow his or her orders or be held in contempt.  The courts have forgotten and ignored that the JURY is the rightful RULER of the court and the judge is only there to make sure the proceedings are done in accordance to the law.  The judges are now accomplices to the prosecution, instead of being an impartial referee in the cases.  By no definition is this DUE PROCESS.

The JURY’S job is to not only JUDGE the actions of the defendant, but it is also required to judge the accused person’s character and to rule on the validity of the law.  The JURY is the last line of defense from the tyrannical actions of the government.  The JURY can acquit on the simple fact that the law is deemed unjust, regardless of its passage in the statutes, and it can also acquit based on the character of the accused.

But this is not taught in schools or put out to the American people for fear that the People will take back its intended strength and overall power in this Country.  When a judge issues orders to the jury, he or she is doing so out of fear, and violating the very fabric that this Country was founded on.  Our courts and judges are being used to DESTROY THIS COUNTRY FROM WITHIN.

Federal Law Enforcement and DOJ, let me ask you this.  Is justice still blind to you?  I believe we still have good people in law enforcement and to those people I ask, when will doing what is right be more important than your paycheck?  The hundreds of good deeds that you accomplish are WIPED out by allowing even ONE act of impropriety to happen. You are guilty by association when you knowingly let these abuses take place.

When you watch judges abuse the system, YOU abuse the system.  When you let prosecutors abuse the system, YOU abuse the system.  When you watch your fellow LEO’s [Law enforcement officers] abuse the system, YOU abuse the system.  When you let legislators abuse their constituents, YOU abuse their constituents.  Your oath to the Constitution is not to an idea or a piece of paper, it’s in defense of WE THE PEOPLE and all that made this Country once great.  When you put your paycheck over doing what is right, YOU ARE DESTROYING THIS COUNTRY FROM WITHIN.

And finally, the American People…Where are you?  Where is your voice in all that is astray in our once glorious Country?  Never forget what Ben Franklin said, “those that would give up freedom for safety deserves neither.”  Our founders were brilliant.  Not because they could see into the future, but because they lived under a tyrant, and had firsthand knowledge.  Our apathetic actions over the last five decades have let government grow beyond its bounds of the constitution.  We are far more similar to 1930’s Germany under Hitler, and to the Soviet Union, than we are to our Founders’ vision of this Country.  Our family members that struggled to tame this land and gave blood and their lives to defend it, have to be turning in their graves.

Look at what we have become.  We are a self-righteous, egotistical, greedy society hell bent on our own benefit.  We no longer love our neighbor as ourselves and would step on the neck of anyone that gets in our path.  We see these atrocities happening to our OWN people and care more about what is on the next reality show.  Our money, attention, and VOICE are given causes that are deemed valiant, but ignore major issues when our VERY OWN PEOPLE are abused by the very government sworn to protect them.  We sit and allow our GOD GIVEN rights to be stomped upon and hope that someone else will take care of it for us.  We as the People are the most complicit and guilty party to the DESTRUCTION OF THIS COUNTRY FROM WITHIN.

When they came for the Rancher, I did not Stand for I was not a Rancher

When they came for the Farmer, I did not Stand for I was not a Farmer

When they came for the Logger, I did not Stand for I was not a Logger

When they came for the Patriot, I did not Stand for I was not a Patriot

When they came for the Reporter, I did not Stand for I was not a Reporter

When they came for the Politician, I did not Stand for I was not a Politician

But when they came for Me, nobody Stood for there was nobody left to Stand

Quite honestly, this mess we are facing is completely our own fault.  We have allowed this to happen.  So it is up to us to fix it.  We should be screaming from every mountain top, not by the hundreds, but by the hundreds of THOUSANDS.  We should be looking at the actions of people on the peaceful side of the Black Lives Matter movement and the likes of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the civil rights movement of the 1960’s.  They did not ask for rights to be given to them by the government, they DEMANDED that the government not trample upon anyone’s God given rights.

We are fighting the same fight now.  Cities should be choked with protests and rallies in defense for not only the political prisoners in Oregon and Nevada, but for everyone and anyone who has not received DUE PROCESS.  We need to put the people on NOTICE that we will not tolerate the government trampling upon ANY AMERICAN CITIZEN’S natural rights.  DUE PROCESS is not optional.

Until We as the American People wake up and stand for our INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS collectively, the COUNTRY WE KNOW AND LOVE WILL BE DESTROYED FROM WITHIN.  Future generations will be left to deal with the aftermath.


About the Author

BJ Soper is a business owner and activist who resides in Redmond, Oregon.  He is the founder of the Central Oregon Constitutional Guard and a founding member of the Pacific Patriots Network.








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