Wise Words From Lavoy Finicum’s Lawyer

I just had to share a part of this article by Todd MacFarlane, published at Boiling Frogs Post this morning because I believe he is absolutely correct, and we have to put a stop to this excessive government response.  Please read this, and the entire article linked above, and share it.

In addition to the fact that the whole situation was on track to a peaceful resolution, What Governor Brown and others, including federal officials and local Harney County officials obviously haven’t wanted to understand and acknowledge from the outset is that if they had just simply ignored Ammon Bundy and his followers at the refuge, eventually the whole thing would have just shriveled up and died. Bundys wouldn’t have gotten the attention.  It would have come to a peaceful conclusion.  And I can’t really see that much, if any, harm would have occurred by taking that approach.  But it would have required too much common sense.  Not to mention patience.

So instead, they pretended that it was some kind of really big thing — that by being at the refuge the occupiers were allegedly “impeding federal officers” in their duties, and “disrupting the local community.”

Mr. MacFarlane goes on to describe the excessive police force around the Malheur Refuge.  I too have been seeing similar reports on facebook, and find it unbelievable that there has been little to no coverage of these in the media.

After weeks of people being able to come and go at the Malheur Wildlife refuge for weeks (including federal employees if they had wanted to), now that there are only four people left, there are heavily armed, militarized check points on all the roads around the refuge. And you should see what happens at those checkpoints.

From what I understand, it’s not just a matter of showing your papers and explaining your business. If you approach one of the checkpoints, you are warned by a loudspeaker that you will be shot if you do anything other than exactly what you are told.  From what I understand, these checkpoints are fortified with multiple vehicles, including Bearcats, with .50 caliber machine guns.  To determine whether anyone who approaches a checkpoint has any legitimate business there, they make people get out of their vehicles – obviously at gunpoint, with the .50 cals always ready.  Then they make people lay down on the ground, and they handcuff them before engaging in invasive, heavy-handed searches for weapons and other contraband.

That’s what another rancher I know encountered when he tried to go feed his cows. When he pulled up to the checkpoint, someone on a bullhorn threatened to shoot him if he made any misstep, before searching him as described, and finally allowing him to pass to do his chores.  This is what locals are experiencing at the hands of the fully militarized police forces restricting their travel and activities in the area.

And thanks to the spin the government is putting on all of it, with the help of the mainstream media, this heavy-handed approach is all more than justified because a bunch of batshit crazy nutcases camped out at a wildlife refuge.

He also points out that the way this has been spun in the media has distracted from the original grievances of the protesters, and will likely have a big effect on the chances of an impartial judge and jury existing for those who have been arrested and charged.

I hope you will take a look at the entire article, and you can find more of his writings at The Pahvant Post.

I am still working on What’s the Beef, Part Two:  How Lawsuits Shape Land Management Policies, so check back tomorrow.

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