An Update From Burns, Oregon

Today, with the announcement that three more men who had been part of the occupation at the Malheur Refuge were arrested last night, and the reports that only five people remain, it seems the media is quickly closing the book on the story.  As though it is all but over in Burns, Oregon.  The call to stand down in a statement from Ammon Bundy, read by his lawyer, Mike Arnold, yesterday at the courthouse in Portland, Oregon after Bundy’s arraignment has reportedly resulted in many of the occupiers leaving the refuge yesterday.  The media is moving on, after all, those pesky presidential campaigns are heating up.

However, the truth is, the situation in Burns is not resolved.  The five who are reportedly still at the refuge may be negotiating with the FBI for an end to the occupation, and I hope that they are.

But, there is still anger in the community, many are calling for changes to be made in the local government.  Claims of corruption and collusion are being made regarding local officials and law enforcement and the federal government, and some are asking for certain officials to resign.  This is what the media isn’t really talking about, choosing instead to focus on the occupation at the refuge. The silence in the media regarding local outrage over problems facing Harney County (problems much bigger than the occupiers at the refuge) is telling.  As is the intended narrative made clear by what the media is reporting on.

As of this morning, I have word that there is a call to action being made to various patriot groups, as well as to anyone tired of this government that does not serve the people, to come to Burns, Oregon for peaceful protest.  To stand together, right now.  This isn’t about starting a civil war, or any sort of armed conflict.  This is an opportunity for Americans, from all walks of life, regardless of race, religion, political persuasion, to stand together and tell our leaders that enough is enough.  We want change!

Sheriff Ward stated on Tuesday that we don’t arm up and rebel when there are problems with government.  He said that when people have concerns with how things are being done, they need to go through the proper channels to effect change.  I agree.  But what happens when the proper channels are corrupt and the system is broken?  What is left to us?  Well, we have the right to protest, we have the right to stand together and demand reform in our government.  And we don’t have to wait to rely on questionable voting machines every two to four years.

I have called for people from all over to converge in Burns…I am calling for strangers to come together and stand up PEACEFULLY and tell the FBI to leave this State immediately.  We will escort them out of Oregon again PEACEFULLY.  Then our attention will turn to the local government.  We will demand the immediate resignation of Steve Grasty, Dave Ward, Dan Nichols, and Pete Runnels.  We will reach out to the state police to fill the void and ask the county to put a special election in place to immediately replace these officials.

In order to accomplish this, I need Americans to Unite.  ALL AMERICANS…

BJ Soper via Facebook

Please don’t let the mainstream media convince you that this is all over just because the refuge occupation is ending.  Please don’t fall for the divisive tactics used to keep us name calling and distracted.  The people of Harney County deserve more.  We all deserve more.  We need to kick the corruption out of our government, and out of our justice system.


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