If You See Something, Say Something…Unless It’s Oil Trucks In Syria

The headlines scream of terror warnings.  Warnings of increased threats, calls for citizens to be vigilant, increasing panic inducing diatribes against refugees, calls for more bombs, more war, more troops.  Calls for tighter security, tighter restrictions, less freedom.

If the implications weren’t so serious, I would be laughing hysterically, as I read through various mainstream news articles.  Out of curiosity, I have been watching to see how the San Bernardino attack would be handled (spun and manipulated) by the media and after reading absurd report after absurd report, I found myself wishfully hoping the reporters were deliberately going overboard on the stupidity in order to get the attention of the readers.  Like a plea for help, that we would see through all the ridiculousness and actually bother to question the narrative.

But, apparently, true to form, we have chosen to focus on the possible terrorist motives of the shooters.  We are told that Farook had made contact in the past with known terrorist suspects, and how Malik supposedly pledged allegiance to ISIS on facebook around the time of the attack.  Women can be terrorists too, we are reminded, even women with six month old babies.  After all, she is mysterious and came here on a ‘fiance visa’ (a scary loophole, of course!!).  We were treated to the bizarre media raid of their home (wait, what?!  Law enforcement sure cleared the place quickly!) within days of the shootings.

Thank goodness we can focus on all those pipes and stockpiles of weapons and ammunition they supposedly had at their home, and their possible ties to that scary terrorist organization.  And the mysterious deposit of a large sum of money into their bank account (since when is the financing ever of practical significance?).  Because, otherwise, we might be asking some awkward questions.  Like why did former speaker of the house, Dennis Hastert, get busted for lying about structured withdrawals of under $10,000.00 in order to avoid scrutiny, but Farook, after contacting known terrorist suspects, withdraws $10,000.00, then makes multiple $5,000.00 transfers, and goes unnoticed.  We might wonder why on earth we should believe anything that mainstream media is telling us.  We might ask why the hell we have all these surveillance laws that seem so ineffective.

Or, why we have, and should listen to, our corrupt leaders.  After all, they expect us to believe they didn’t bomb long lines of tanker trucks driving oil stolen by ISIS across barren, flat desert for months to Turkey, out of concern that the drivers were civilians.  They’re smugglers, after all, simply doing business with the terrorists.  (So much for all that “either you are with us or you are with the terrorists” stuff.)  I think you would have better odds of avoiding US airstrikes as a tanker truck driving smuggler than working as a doctor in these countries.  They are telling us that they haven’t bombed any of the oil infrastructure held by ISIS because they don’t want to cause environmental damage, or to destroy the infrastructure Syria will need after the defeat of ISIS.  Because, these have always been our considerations in the past, you know, before we bombed targets in other countries.

Of course, the mainstream media outlets don’t really tell us about any of that.  They are too busy regaling us with the horrors of mass shootings, the increasing recruitment of young men and women through social media as a result of their hatred of our way of life (not because of this, or this.)  and the threat of those terrifying families fleeing from our wars (never mind about this).  Too busy screaming about the incredible danger of Islamic radicalization to bother questioning the radicalization of Americans through the rampant exceptionalism propaganda they obediently propagate.  Too busy trying to do their job for the government, doing everything they can to keep us cowering in fear.  To keep us submissive, willingly handing away the rights of others, and our own, every time our leaders come asking.

Come on, people.  Enough of this.  Let’s find the courage to start some conversations with our friends and neighbors, and the people we interact with daily.  Let’s get out our critical thinking skills and exercise them.  Take the power away from these corrupt and illegitimate leaders, and their puppet media, and put it back into our own hands.  Tune them out, and nullify them.

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