Red Cups? How About Red Streets?

DSC_0948I made a rare stop on facebook today and discovered that there’s this thing about red cups.  I can probably count on both hands the number of times I’ve been to the business that started this, and I had no idea of the existence of these red cups until a couple of weeks ago.  I didn’t know until today that they have stirred up some controversy in the social media world.  (Marketing ploy?)  I’m not sure why, but I’m astounded that we are arguing about red cups.  Last week it was hearts versus stars, now its red cups.

Is leaving the Christ out of Christmas more of a problem than leaving his teachings of love out of our lives?  How many people died in a violent way while you stood in line, eagerly waiting to trick the barista into writing ‘Merry Christmas’ on your red cup?  How many streets were stained with blood while you stood there?  How is it that red cups and a debate about whether it should be a heart or a star can be trendy while we are STILL at war?

How can we argue about what is on a cup when the number of dead children, dead civilians, rises daily around the world?  Maybe its because we never see them, they don’t make it to our facebook or our Twitter feeds because somehow cups are more important.  I do see pictures, the broken bodies, the blood in the streets.  Its not like seeing them in person.  It’s not like touching them, holding them, carefully picking up their pieces to return to whoever they matter to.  Can you imagine?  I can’t imagine walking away from that, let alone recovering from that.  Ever.  There are far too many in the world who have had to pick up those pieces, and lost pieces of their souls as a result.  I don’t think they care if there is a reindeer on your cup.

Sadly, as I was out and about today to get this picture of the red cup in the street, already halfway through writing this post, the attacks in Paris happened.  Life, interrupted again, by death.  I feel awful for the people of Paris, the people of France.  It is a terrible thing that shouldn’t happen there, or anywhere.  Not Paris, not Syria, not Yemen, not Afghanistan, not Ukraine, the list goes on.

As the coverage of these attacks unfold, how can we not demand a stop to the blood running in the streets? When the announcement was made that we will keep troops in Afghanistan and put troops into Syria, how did we just say that it doesn’t effect us?  “It’s happening over there…to someone else…it makes no difference to us here…”  Are you insane?  Are you that heartless?  It is spreading like cancer.  We won’t stay immune forever, our streets will be red too, if we don’t put a stop to this madness right now.

Stop arguing about red cups and hearts or stars and whatever else, at least long enough to tell this rotten, corrupt government that they don’t rule the world.  They don’t have the right to tell France that we stand with them after this attack on our morals, because they have no morals.   Don’t listen as they pound their drums of war.  Stand together, keep offering shelter and free rides home.  Keep helping each other.

Let’s remind the powers that shouldn’t be that fear doesn’t rule us because we have each other to lean on.  Let’s remind the powers that shouldn’t be that we are in charge.  Let’s remind the powers that shouldn’t be that they have no right to wage these wars.  Because, without us, they cannot continue to fight them.


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